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New Moon in Pisces
Friday, March 4, 12:46 pm PST, 3:46 pm EST

The New Moon in Pisces initiates a fresh cycle of spiritual awareness and an awakening of compassion and creativity. Assertive Mars’ close proximity to this Sun-Moon conjunction adds a gentle push to help make the magic happen. Oceanic Pisces carries us with waves of emotion that may sometimes feel overwhelming, but if we learn to go with the flow instead of fighting it, we’ll find the currents to carry us to higher ground. Aiming too low or merely trying to get by gets us lost in swamps of self-pity and impotence, instead of soaring with the wings of faith and imagination.

Mercury in Aries
Wednesday,March 9, 9:47 am PST, 12:47 pm EST

Brainy Mercury’s shift into spontaneous Aries opens minds to inventive ideas and fires up communication with passionate words. This enthusiasm, though, is better for talking than for listening. A lack of attention to others can produce one-sided conversations that inhibit our capacity to compromise. Still, it’s important to set aside objectivity at times so that intuition is free to blaze new paths of awareness.

Uranus in Aries
Friday, March 11, 4:55 pm PST, 7:55 pm EST

The planet of revolution begins a seven-year stay in Aries that can shake the world. This explosive transit is rich with promise for change if we’re willing to let go of the past and radically reshape the future. It is time for a new human consciousness that recognizes the need to transform our relationships with nature and with one another. Experimenting with different forms of government and economic institutions will feel risky, but sticking to the status quo is even more dangerous. Liberation starts within each one of us, which makes personal breakthroughs significant contributions to our collective growth.

Full Moon in Virgo
Saturday, March 19, 11:10 am PDT, 2:10 pm EDT

The high emotional tides of this Full Moon are intensified by excitable Uranus’ conjunction with the Sun and opposition to the Moon. Normally, this lunation in orderly Virgo contrasts pragmatism with the Sun in Pisces’ penchant for fantasy as we seek to rebalance this relationship. Uranus’ presence, though, shatters the atmosphere with sudden emotional shifts and unexpected events. Flexibility is a must when dealing with these inner and outer surprises because rigidity only increases the tension. Open minds reveals short cuts and help liberate us from boring routines and outmoded dreams.

Sun in Aries
Sunday, March 20, 4:21 pm PDT, 7:21 pm EDT

This new astrological year is supercharged by the Sun’s conjunction with Uranus and Jupiter’s presence in the zodiac’s risk-taking sign Aries. Impulsiveness and originality are riding high and motivated by itches for change. It’s time to reinvent ourselves with updated looks and fresh attitudes. The desire for freedom is so strong that it’s difficult to take orders, which can provoke conflict with authorities. Yet this hunger for stimulation encourages bolder behavior such as starting a new business or a taking relationship in a totally different direction. Being a pioneer is sometimes lonely but it’s often easier to fly solo when exploring new territory.

Venus in Pisces
Saturday, March 26, 11:53 pm PDT, Sunday, March 27, 2:53 am EDT

Venus’ entry into her romantic sign of exaltation makes hearts more tender. The spiritual side of intimacy grows in our collective awareness, which can be a significant source of compassion. Unconditional love allows us to give with less judgment and without expecting anything in return. But a lack of discrimination allows us to project illusions on others and idealize relationships that are far from perfect. This transit does raise esthetics to an almost divine level, bringing a sense of communion through the arts and nature.

Jupiter opposite Saturn
Monday, March 28

Getting long-range ducks in a row is the purpose of this third opposition of the planets of expansion and contraction. This aspect occurred on May 22 and August 16, 2010, setting a frame around big decisions related to career and education. Jupiter in impatient Aries motivates activity right now while Saturn in accommodating Libra understands the necessity of diplomacy and compromise. The bottom line is that major growth requires both personal initiative and supportive allies. The challenge is knowing when to follow individual instincts and when to slow down and consider the advice of others.

Mercury Retrograde
Wednesday, March 30, 1:38 pm PDT, 4:38 pm EDT

The messenger planet’s backward period will last until April 23, complicating communication, travel and technology. This event occurs in restless Aries, a sign that wants to move forward against this retrograde tide. A tendency toward impatience will probably increase the likelihood of errors, so a slower approach to managing data is recommended. Going back to reconnect with people and activities from the past, though, helps to tie up loose ends and complete unfinished business.

Mars in Aries
Friday, April 1, 9:51 pm PDT, Saturday, April 2, 12:51 am EDT

Mars racing into its fiery home sign is another boost in this season of starting over. It joins the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, making a quartet of race horses that can run over obstacles and people without looking back. Normally, this transit increases physical energy and spurs enterprising efforts. However, Mercury’s retrograde period in Aries is a reminder that even the fastest runners, brightest thinkers and bravest warriors benefit from a moment’s reflection every now and then.

The New Moon in spiritual Pisces sows seeds of imagination and faith. It’s a time for dreams, some of which will dissipate like clouds but others may gather strength and deliver on their promises. Letting minds wander is not a waste of energy or a mere distraction; it’s the ground from which great ideas can grow.

Have a great month!

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New Moon in Aries
Wednesday, April 14, 5:29 am PDT, 8:29 am EDT

The New Moon in Aries is the true beginning of the astrological year. It’s a time for taking initiative and getting projects off the ground. However, this year’s Sun-Moon conjunction in spontaneous Aries occurs three days before Mercury turns retrograde and five days before the Sun enters earthy Taurus. Therefore, we have a brief window of opportunity to ignite inspirational sparks that will soon require the fuel of patience and commitment to fan enduring flames of change.

Mercury Retrograde
Saturday, April 17

The messenger planet’s backward turn marks a three-week period when double-checking data, maintaining equipment and communicating carefully are recommended. A tendency to make more errors than usual is common during this cycle. Yet the gift of Mercury retrograde is that it provides a second chance to reconnect with people and to tie up loose ends. Completing unfinished business and reviewing systems to make them more efficient are constructive uses of this transit.

Sun in Taurus
Monday, April 19, 9:30 pm PDT, Tuesday, April 20, 12:30 am EDT

The Sun’s entry into the mid-spring sign Taurus is a time to indulge the senses. This increases awareness in the body and engages us in the delights of the Earth. While it’s healthy to regain a degree of childlike innocence, the dark side of this sign is stubborn resistance to new ideas and activities. It’s fine to dig in your heels when it’s about matters of real value but excessive attachment to comfort can close hearts and minds to complicated but potentially important issues.

Chiron in Pisces
Monday, April 19, 11:57 pm PDT, Tuesday, April 20, 2:57 am EDT

The ‘Wounded Healer’ moves into compassionate Pisces, amplifying sensitivity to the suffering of ourselves and others. This helps humanity recognize how closely we are all connected and encourages us to support one another. However, it’s essential that we do not see ourselves or others as victims. Experiencing pain does not mean that we need pity when it is real love and understanding that heal our wounds.

Venus in Gemini
Saturday, April 24, 10:05 pm PDT, Sunday, April 25, 1:05 am EDT

Variety is desirable with Venus in multi-faceted Gemini. Boredom takes the fun out of overly predictable relationships where the old forms of fun just aren’t cutting it any more. It’s time to explore new ways to play and fresh ways to stimulate minds. Start up a conversation with a stranger, learn a new language and have some fun with flirting to get the breezes of desire moving in your life again. Just take things lightly as this is a chance to taste life’s joys without making any serious commitments or long range plans.

Saturn opposite Uranus
Monday, April 26

The fourth and next-to-last opposition of the planets of order and chaos builds pressure to radically change old systems and break down the walls of fear and resistance. Don’t try to hang onto something that’s falling apart unless you can find a fresh approach to rebuild it in a new and different way. The last opposition of these planets occurs on July 26 so this is the final preparation for letting go of outmoded rules and meaningless responsibilities. You will be more constructive when your actions are conscious and up-to-date rather than simple habits or reflexes.

Full Moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, April 28, 5:18 am PDT, 8:18 am EDT

The Full Moon in Scorpio intensifies emotions, evokes jealousy and stirs up financial concerns. However, when we are willing to descend into the shadow of doubt and fear we can unearth psychological secrets that are keys to setting us free. Still, assertive Mars forms stressful squares to the Sun and Moon that can shorten tempers and trigger conflicts. However, mental Mercury in peaceful Taurus is joined to the Sun to inject moments of calm and clarity that can redirect these impulses in a more creative direction.

Mercury Direct
Tuesday, May 11

The forward turn of the communication planet permits messages to flow more swiftly and stagnant projects to start gaining momentum. It’s a gradual process, though, that will take several weeks before we fully return to a more normal pace of daily life. Still, this is a chance to carefully institute innovative practices and initiate new connections in a controlled and cautious manner.

The New Moon in Aries stirs the urge to act and get life moving in a fresh direction. The challenge, though, is to maintain the sense of urgency that motivates bold action without becoming so impulsive that guns are shot before proper targets have been found. It’s better to take your time to decide exactly where you want to aim your life before making a significant move.

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New Moon in Scorpio
Monday, November 16, 11:15 am PST, 2:15 pm EST

The narrow focus of the Scorpio New Moon is broadened by two aspects with transformational outer planets. A potent square from dreamy Neptune forces imagination and faith into the survivalist world of this resource sensitive sign. Originality and inventiveness come with a supportive trine from Uranus that turns our minds toward undiscovered possibilities and away from fearful clinging to the past. We can scatter our creative seeds over wider territory and discover fresh options for relationships because of the multiplicity of opportunities spawned by this dynamic lunation. Remember to recycle objects, individuals and ideas that can regain their utility in new and different ways.

Sun in Sagittarius
Saturday, November 21, 8:23 pm PST, 11:23 pm EST

The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius turns attention toward the holidays with the optimism for which this outgoing sign is known. Lifting our eyes up from the details of daily life will reveal wider horizons of hope and adventure. While there are risks of exaggeration or overselling in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, potential errors of judgment may be a small price to pay for boosting morale in these challenging times. This sign teaches us to look beyond the limits of the moment and to sketch pictures of a brighter future in the sky. Our chances of fulfilling those dreams, however, depend on keeping at least one foot solidly on the ground of reality. Stretching ourselves in this way ensures that the necessities of the present are attended to without allowing them to block the windows of opportunity that offer so much promise for tomorrow.

Uranus Direct
Tuesday, December 1

Eccentric and inventive Uranus shifts into forward gear after moving backwards (retrograde) in early July. The direct turn of any planet releases its energy, making it more available for external expression. Uranian urges for freedom that have bubbled below the surface may begin to emerge in obvious forms in the days and weeks ahead. Brilliant ideas and radical moves smothered by doubt or pushed aside by more pressing needs will begin to flow more freely. Rebellious tendencies may become more evident as impulse control diminishes and the desire for independence grows.

Venus in Sagittarius
Tuesday, December 1, 2:04 pm PST, 5:04 pm EST

The planet of love’s move into mobile Sagittarius produces feelings of restlessness in the pursuit of pleasure. New experiences and people are especially appealing now, making it more difficult to stay content within a current relationship. Couples need to explore fresh territory to bring some spice into their partnerships while singles should be ready to take risks to increase their chances for connecting with someone. Attraction to people of different backgrounds and foreign cultures make travel more appealing. Still, while looking beyond familiar experiences to find fulfillment, it’s important not to become so enamored with the chase that we fail to appreciate the sweet things that are already present in our lives.

Full Moon in Gemini
Tuesday, December 1, 11:31 pm PST
Wednesday, December 2, 2:31 am EST

The Full Moon in Gemini is often a jittery time as nervous systems are stretched with an overdose of input. It’s common to become scattered and unfocused amid the myriad of activities that fill life to the brim. The Gemini Moon’s opposition to the Sagittarius Sun puts everything on the table for discussion. Yet we may discover that endless debate and dialogue can be exhausting. Fortunately, pragmatic Saturn’s trine to the Full Moon keeps the clock of responsibility ticking, which should help the gabbiest among us from talking and talking and never turning words into action.

Mercury in Capricorn
Saturday, December 5, 9:26 am PST, 12:26 pm EST

If our minds have traveled off into the clouds, the entry of Mercury in Capricorn should bring our thinking back down to earth. The information planet’s presence in this productive sign is not interested in gossip, random theories or ill-defined ideas. Intellectual organization and a more orderly approach to life’s details should improve efficiency. However, Capricorn’s strong sense of authority reduces our willingness to listen, make compromises and meet others halfway.

The New Moon in Scorpio revitalizes what can often feel like a hopeless situation. That’s because this sign begins by squeezing out excess and eliminating nonessentials. This purging process clears out the debris of outmoded concepts and behaviors, sometimes with a brutal finality that can be painful. However, this lunation is a time to prune the tree of life of its dead limbs, freeing up an enormous well of creativity to breathe fresh life into existing enterprises or make way for new growth.

Have a great month!

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Venus in Aries
Friday, April 24, 12:18 am PDT, 3:18 am EDT

The love planet returns to the independent fire sign of Aries where her retrograde cycle prolonged a stay that began back on February 2. This last go-round urges us to freshen up relationships with a new approach or a different partner. There is, though, a natural tension between Venus’ instinct for accommodating others and Aries’ desire for freedom that can make sparks fly. In this impulsively adventurous environment the line between conflict and attraction may not be easy to find.

New Moon in Taurus
Friday, April 24, 8:23 pm PDT, 11:23 pm EDT

This is an economic recovery New Moon that can regenerate resources and restore financial stability. These may not occur universally, but individuals can be rewarded by the Sun-Moon conjunction in this materially rich sign. Potent Pluto’s harmonious trine to the New Moon reveals hidden talents and uncovers additional sources of income. Finding greater worth on a personal level contributes to a collective rising of the financial waters. Taking time to appreciate our gifts, life’s little pleasures and the bounty of nature taps into the deep well of prosperity that lies beyond the limits of our current fears.

Mercury in Gemini
Thursday, April 30, 3:29 pm PDT, 6:29 pm EDT

Mental Mercury’s leap into its flighty home sign normally steps up the pace of thinking and communication. However, this little planet is slowing down in advance of its retrograde cycle beginning next week. We will get glimpses of new ideas and fresh angles of perception to stimulate our minds. Turning these intellectual gems into action, though, may be delayed until Mercury turns direct at the end of the month.

Mercury Retrograde
Wednesday, May 6, 9:55 pm PDT, Thursday, May 7, 12:55 am EDT

Three weeks of backpedaling by the messenger planet can complicate the flow of data, confuse conversations, increase travel inconveniences and accelerate the breakdown of machinery. Life goes on during Mercury retrograde, and some projects advance swimmingly, yet the general atmosphere is one in which small things that can go awry probably will. Extra attention to details and a fierce commitment to facts, however, will make this a productive time of reorganizing and reconnecting.

Full Moon in Scorpio
Friday, May 8, 9:01 pm PDT, Saturday, May 9, 12:01 am EDT

The Sun in Taurus represents feast and the opposing Scorpio Moon symbolizes famine, so this lunation could kick up worries and dramatize doubts. It’s purpose, though, is not to terrorize us with discomfort but to suggest that for every gain there must be a loss. There’s a price to pay, whether with cash, consciousness, emotion or attitude. Excessive Jupiter, dreamy Neptune and chronic Chiron square the Full Moon, which either fills us with faith or pushes feelings over the top. A trine from inventive Uranus and sextile from stable Saturn, on the other hand, offer well-managed innovation as tools for constructive change.

Mercury in Taurus
Wednesday, May 13, 4:53 pm PDT, 7:53 pm EDT

This is a time of contemplation as Mercury is doubly deliberate now. Its retrograde cycle is a reminder to look inward for answers and its re-entry into earthy Taurus prefers the concrete to the conceptual. A more solid awareness of reality results from grounding ideas in your body and trusting your senses to guide you. The downside of Mercury in this fixed sign is stubbornness, so be aware of when you’re holding your ground as a matter of principle rather than a matter of fact.

Saturn Direct
Saturday, May 16

The planet of order and structure begins a forward shift that can allow inner plans to begin finding their way into the outer world. The vague outlines of concepts may begin to sharpen, especially after Mercury turns direct on May 30. All Saturn asks for is commitment, discipline and a sense of purpose to work its magic of making dreams real.

Sun in Gemini
Wednesday, May 20, 2:51 pm PDT, 5:51 pm EDT

The Sun’s shift into airy Gemini brings breezes of possibilities that exceed the earthbound limits of the preceding sign Taurus. Maintaining focus may be more difficult in this diffuse and easily distracted environment, yet the gift of having so many choices begins to emerge beyond the narrow limits of necessity. There is a tendency toward superficiality as we skim along the surface, yet while flitting among the fields of flowers we open our minds to colors and shapes that enrich the palette of experience.

The New Moon in Taurus is one of the most fertile times of the year. The union of the Sun and Moon in this fixed earth sign connects us to the delights of our senses and to the joys of the physical world. Our instincts find the honey, the sweet stuff of pleasure, self-worth and money that make life more enjoyable. Pluto, the God of Wealth, in a creative trine to the New Moon rewards those willing to cut their attachment to the past and experience more deeply the riches of the present.

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