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Recently read:

  1. Magical Knowledge Book I: Foundations by Josephine McCarthy
  2. An Encounter with Venus by Elizabeth Mansfield
  3. Witchfather: A Life of Gerald Gardner, V. 2: From Witch Cult to Wicca by Philip Heselton
  4. The Witches’ Sabbats by Mike Nichols
  5. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Currently Reading:

  • The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Theodyssies and Paradoxologies, collected poems of Aidan Kelly
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker (have not tried reading it since I was a teenager; like it better now than I did then)
  • an inordinate amount of Sherlock fanfiction

Currently watching:

  • the first five episodes of series seven of Doctor Who (verdict: Good so far, but I’m gonna miss the Ponds!)
  • series five of Merlin (verdict after one episode: Pretty, stupid, lovable as ever)

Recent events of note:

  • My dear stepdaughter got married, with vast quantities of High Anglican ceremony and the performance of the Time Warp at the reception.
  • A dear friend came down with a serious infection and spent a good deal of her recuperation in our back bedroom.

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Recently Read:

Current Reading:

Current Listening

Current Viewing:

(including movies I’ve seen this summer)

  • The Avengers
  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2
  • Men in Black 3
  • Farscape
  • Life on Mars, the British series with John Simm about a police detective who wakes up thirty years into his own past after being hit by a car

Current Obsessions:

  • The BBC’s Sherlock and its lead actors, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman
  • the writing of Aidan Kelly
  • ice cream, lots of ice cream
  • the two red-eared slider turtles we’re housesitting this summer, Beatrix and Matilda, the Shell Sisters


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Current Reading

  • The Forge of Tubal Cain by Ann Finnin
  • The Roebuck in the Thicket by Evan John Jones, Robert Cochrane, and Michael Howard
  • The Passion of Mary Magdalene by Elizabeth Cunningham
  • Kissing the Limitless by Thorn Coyle

Current Viewing

  • David Suchet as Poirot
  • Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwick
  • Deep Space Nine, season five
  • Bones, current episodes
  • Batman Beyond, season one
  • Secrets of the Dead
  • American Experience
  • Nova

Current Listening

  • medieval and troubadour stuff, principally Ensemble Unicorn
  • Wanda Landowska playing Bach
  • Brazilian stuff on Last.fm courtesy of my husband
  • blues on Pandora, right now

Current Practice

  • New Hermetics Grounding & Centering
  • Middle Pillar
  • sitting meditation
  • defining goals
  • pore breathing with sunshine (when the sun is visible)

Special Mention

  • the “Trials and Tribble-ations” episode of Deep Space Nine. Conceived as their thirtieth-anniversary tribute to Trek, this episode sent the main cast back in time to the Kirk era to prevent Arne Darvin, Klingon spy, from enhancing his sabotage of the grain on Deep Space Station K-7 with a bomb emplanted in one of the tribbles.  The actors slid into those kicky ’60s uniforms and hair-do’s (Dax got a beehive) and wandered around going, “Wow, we’re on the Enterprise!”  The tech crew seamlessly interwove new footage with the original episode and digitally inserted new actors into old scenes, so that Dax gets to check out Spock’s ass and say he’s even handsomer in person, and O’Brien and Bashir join the line-up of crewmembers getting chewed out by Kirk after the brawl with the Klingons.  It’s a wonderfully funny ep that unashamedly loves the original show.
  • Pandora Radio.  I know this makes me terminally uncool, but I have much better luck getting Pandora to play me music I like than I do with Last.fm.
  • I am completely addicted to my weekly doses of Poirot and Holmes.  If I had discovered Jeremy Brett as a teenager, I would have been *so* hot for him.
  • the Middle Ages.  Yes, they had no sanitation, lots of emphasis on sin in their religion, wars, plagues, etc.  But they also had brilliant colors, spiritual joy, and bawdy songs.  In short, they knew how to party down.

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I hate Wednesdays

It’s hard to believe that Wednesday is the day of Woden, sacred to the planet Mercury and the gods of language, knowledge, communication, and commerce.  Wednesday is the day of the week when I feel the tiredest, stupidest, and often the most depressed–so much so that I use words like “tiredest”.  My weekday morning classical DJ refers to it as “Hump Day”, and that’s what it is for me–a big hump in the road, the tiresome hill in the middle of the week that has to be climbed, wearily, before you can slide down into the weekend.

With that frank disclosure given, I will now fall back on an old stand-by of my blogging practice: the current round-up.

Current Reading

  • Chalice by Robin McKinley–a new and delightful book by a reliable fantasy writer
  • The Living Temple of Witchcraft, Volume I–more of Christopher Penczak’s comprehensive series based on his witchcraft courses
  • Acedia & Me by Kathleen Norris

Current Viewing

  • Bones season 2, featuring guest appearances by Stephen Fry as a sly and insightful psychiatrist
  • as much of the First and Fourth Doctors (as in Who) as Netflix can supply

Current Listening

  • classical public radio in the morning
  • jazz public radio in the evening
  • music of the English cathedral tradition, chiefly Weelkes and Gibbons
  • occasional rendezvous with Last.fm

Current Obsessions

  • keeping up this blog for NaBloPoMo
  • the weather
  • not thinking about “the holidays” (ha)
  • my next pot of tea

Meaningful content will, I hope, return to this blog tomorrow.

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