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Change of venue

I’ve decided to move house blog-wise, gentle readers. I’ve started another WordPress blog and will be posting there from now on. I hope that the hundred or so wonderful people who are following me here will add my new blog to their feeds and bookmarks and continue to read about me, Antinous, and my weird polytheistic life at:

Antinous for Everybody

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I finally updated two features of this blog today: First, the list of links, and second, my book lists on Goodreads, which appears in the sidebar along with the links. 

I simplified the links to three categories: First, the blogroll proper; second, other sites where I may be found; third, websites I particularly like that aren’t blogs. I think I have included all the blogs I’m currently reading through Feedly. *crosses fingers*

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Hello, new followers, and all you nice people who have been liking my posts!

I thought perhaps you might like to know a few basic facts about your humble blogger, where she’s been, and where she’s coming from.

  1. I was baptized as a Methodist and confirmed an Episcopalian, and the Episcopal Church has been a big influence in my life. I haven’t just believed in Christianity, I’ve practiced it: Daily prayer, weekly Eucharist, was a choir member on and off from the age of about seven.
  2. I have always been interested in religions other than my own. As a kid I read tons of books on “the world religions”, on archaeology, and on the myths and religions of the ancient world.
  3. When I started this blog, I thought Druidry was my path, hence my blog title. I have been a member of AODA and ADF but am no longer. I keep the blog name mainly for recognition; here you will find posts about Druidry, Christianity, Buddhism, and my current practice.
  4. I took refuge and practiced as a Tibetan Buddhist for a couple of years, but it didn’t stick. I learned a great deal from studying Buddhism, however, and have great respect for it.
  5. I am trained in a Hermetic magical system.
  6. I have pretty recently decided that paganism is, in fact, where I belong, that I am a polytheist, and that I have no particular interest in being anything but devout laity. My primary devotion at this point is to Antinous, and my evolving practice is based on the calendar of the Ekklesía Antínoou. What I am discovering is that rather than being druidic/northern, my orientation seems to be Mediterranean, which is shorter than saying Greco-Egyptian-Roman.
  7. Besides religion, my interests include sexy British actors, superhero and science fiction movies, reading and writing erotic fanfic, and birds, especially pet birds, especially cockatiels. I have a cockatiel named Rembrandt who has been my companion for almost fourteen years. He’s older (and wiser) than many Internet users. *g* These interests occasionally get a mention here but mostly live at my Tumblr.

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Just an admin note

I’ve imported some posts from my other, Anglican blog started earlier this year, mostly quotes from other bloggers worth reading. I may be deleting some of them, but I’ll also be updating my blogroll soon. Expect changes here at the (Anglican druid formerly grove now a chapel or just the place where I sit and run my fingers instead of my mouth) blog

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Dear readers, I think I have gone as far on this forest path as I can go. I no longer fit comfortably under the heading “druid”, and I fit even less appropriately under the heading “pagan”. I have worn out my desire to have a single definitive label, category, or heading, which is probably no surprise to long-time readers. I have been moving slowly away from paganism, neopaganism, and druidry for a while now.

I have also, in the past year, thoroughly worn out my desire to join or to belong, to be a member of an organization and to follow a group program. I am no longer a member of AODA; my ADF membership will expire soon, and I have no plans to renew it. I remain a member in good standing of the Episcopal church that employs my husband (that is, I show up to make my communion at least the canonical twice a year, at Christmas and Easter), but I have no interest in active membership, nor do I wish to affiliate formally with the Order of Julian of Norwich as I formerly have done.

Druidry, especially of the Revival, will continue to be of interest to me, as will Tibetan Buddhism and the Anglo-Catholic Christianity I grew up with. Living a spiritual life, conscious, connected, and creative, continues to be of interest to me. And blogging will continue, I think, to be of interest to me, and I shall try to do more of it in a new place, at Notes of a Wayward Anglican.

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Pardon my language, folks, but since my last post here over a month ago–which was a length announcement to the effect that I wasn’t going to post here any more–I’ve been through so many changes I feel like the Princess Langwidere. Unless you read beyond The Wizard of Oz into Baum’s other books, or saw a movie called Return to Oz starring a young Fairuza Balk and a chicken, you won’t know Princess L. She was the ruler of Ev, a country neighboring Oz, who had the singular gift of being able to change her head every day. She had a whole walk-in closet full of heads, rather like a hairdresser’s model for wigs, only alive. The sole disadvantage of having multiple heads, apparently, was that she not only change hair color, eye color, and complexion with each head, she changed personality, too.

So it’s been like that.

Nevertheless, I seem to remain–myself. Mam Adar, to my readers. This blog, lowly though it may be, has name recognition; people know who “Mam Adar” is and what they may find at Confessions of an Urban Druid. Whether or not I feel druidic today, or any other day, I think I’ll take advantage of that fact and blog here. If I may quote the motto of the Atreides family, “J’y suis; j’y reste.”

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*opens the windows, dusts off the place, looks around*

Happy equinox, autumn, harvest, Alban Elued, Mabon, Sukkoth, and what have you.

Looks like I’ll be moving back in here for a while.

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