First steps in taking myself seriously

I’ve renewed my membership with Ar nDraiocht Fein and am looking again at the Dedicant Path program. I have Michael Dangler’s helpful book that lays out the requirements over a full year.

I’ve enrolled in the Bardic grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. I’ve only wanted to do their study course, which is how one becomes a member, for about twenty years. I stopped telling myself I couldn’t afford it.

Today I took the three pictures of Antinous that I printed off from the ‘net weeks ago and mounted them neatly on a piece of cardboard to form a triptych. An artist friend of mine took me shopping yesterday for appropriate materials and gave me some tips on how to safely cut heavy cardboard with a knife.

And, not least, I purchased a nice fleece robe to wear around the house and a bottle of Mrs. Stuart’s Bluing for Whiteness so I can rehabilitate the white robe that I originally bought for druid work and have something else suitable to wear when I’m chilly. I hope the bluing works on the tea stains.

Wish me luck.

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One thought on “First steps in taking myself seriously

  1. Léithin Cluan

    I’ve just finished the OBOD Bardic Grade (I’m currently attempting to write my review) & I’ve just started the ADF Dedicant Path. I think they work quite well together, for a balanced practice drawing on different kinds of Druidry – they are *very* different, but not impossible to combine.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts on the OBOD course, as I post mine on the ADF DP.

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